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The Redy Marathon Initiative materialized through the support of marathoners and running enthusiasts, international race directors and volunteers who are determined to bring peace and goodwill to the world through the running. Stay fit and healthy with our programs. If you feel that you are ready to change your lifestyle, find inspiration and motivation, join our community!

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We help you set and achieve complex goals fast and easy.

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Find support among team members and keep them posted.



The running routes are always planned beforehand to ensure that the distance is calculated correctly, as well as provide the accurate mapping to all our runners. We work to help you achieve your goals safely and comfortably. The directions are guaranteed to be exact and can be downloaded through your mobile device. You can easily share your routes on social media for fun!

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We provide free and secure transportation every time!

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Emergency help is always at your service.

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Stay hydrated and healthy at our drinking stations.